The Domaine de Camiole, in Wonderland

The country of Fayence is Provence. In these lands where time freezes and the landscapes sing in warm light, “escape” is obvious. But even if you dare to use pleonasm, the team at the Château de Camiole is up to the challenge!
Here is our selection of the most exotic experiences for holidays in Fayence. Long-distance hiking, mittelgebirge, natural parks, nautical activities or simple moment of relaxation in the spa of the domain of the Castle of Camiole, all the ingredients are gathered to escape in Provence. Let time stop …

Getting lost around the Domaine de Camiole

Lac Saint Cassien - Domaine de Camiole

Accessible by car from your hotel in the Domaine de Camiole, the Gorges du Verdon promise you timeless excursions. In spite of their reputation, one finds oneself always alone at one time or another.
Hiking, wild camping, kayaking, canyoning and climbing will delight young and old alike. For the most motivated, the Valley of Wonders (06), farther, plunges you in the midst of a grandiose nature and breathtaking scenery. Nearby, the famous Lac de Saint-Cassien offers a guaranteed change of scenery. On holiday in Fayence, you will move!

The restaurant in Fayence: so that your taste buds also travel!

Restaurant Fayence - Domaine de Camiole

In Provence, eating well is an institution. During your holidays in Fayence, you will realize that the city of Var does honor the Provencal cuisine.
Gustatory escape is on the program of several establishments of Fayence. At the table of Yves, it’s gourmet cuisine that plays with the culinary traditions of Provence.
In France, the warmth and the smile bring together friends for meals that sing, because it is also Provence. Finally, our heart splits for the one who has a name worthy of My Mother’s Castle: the Farigoulette! In Fayence, after the effort, the restaurant …