Lake Saint Cassien, close to your holiday home in Provence

Located between the coast and the Var countryside, the lake on the Saint Cassien dam is a remarkable reservoir that is noted for its biodiversity. Cool and fresh in summer, this unspoiled site is a great place for recreational, sporting or gourmet activities. With a surface area of more than 420 hectares, it provides a perfect opportunity for family fun during your stay in Fayence.

Fondurane Biological Reserve

Situated at the western end of the lake, this reserve is home to many different species of animals and plants, including purple herons, black-crowned night herons, little bitterns and European pond turtles.

Fishing at Saint Cassien

A prime spot for fishing predatory fish and carp, the lake is known for the presence of large specimens. From recreational surface fishing for common bleak to float tube fishing, Lake Saint Cassien is a paradise for every aficionado of the sport.


Rowing is a sport that involves propelling a long narrow boat across the water with oars. Due to the length of Lake Saint Cassien, you can row non-stop for a distance of 6 km. The French and US national rowing teams use the lake as a winter training site.

And you can enjoy a host of other activities, including rambling, in the vicinity of Lake Saint Cassien during your holidays in the Var.